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10 Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen

Posted on March 13, 2017 in Kitchen

If you want to give a new look to your kitchen without spending too much money in buying a new one, this article is just for you. The kitchen is certainly one of the most important spaces in a House, so it is important that you do not overlook. Here are 10 practical tips to renovate your kitchen.

1. Delete the old tiles

Many cuisines, especially the most dated have tiles that with the course of years go in against to wear. These tiles you can cover with mosaic panes or glass panels, or paint them using the color that most attracts you.

2. Paint old furniture

This is advice that seems cumbersome, unfortunately is the most important because it will contribute substantially to the renewal of your kitchen. First you roll up your sleeves and scartavetrate for good. Then pass the color, being careful in choosing the right one that goes perfectly with the rest of the room. Dark colored and light an old kitchen might become, giving a new look to any room.

3. Change the handles

After mackerel do not neglect the most important details. Make sure you change the handles or knobs. Are items that cost little and are also easy to assemble: just unscrew, change and tighten. Now your kitchen will be largely renewed.

4. Add shelves

Maybe if you want to make it even more beautiful and special, you can add spaces which serve for storage and rest. For example, you can attach the shelves or hooks for hanging tea towels. You can also add other types of kitchen equipment, the important thing is to combine the practical beauty.

5. Renew the floor

Maybe what lets the look of your kitchen is just the floor.
There are old and worn out floors that should be mandatorily replaced if you truly want to renovate your kitchen. You can also opt for the resin or the parquet.

6. Make the room brighter

This Board needs very little explanation. If you have performed all the indications so far, these will be in vain if the kitchen isn’t quite enlightened. You can solve this problem by buying lamps or spotlights.

7. Renew appliances

This Board is definitely the most expensive of those proposed so far but has many advantages. First replace old appliances with energy classes best, besides improving the look of the kitchen will save you a great deal in terms of electricity consumption.

8. Change chairs and stools

Everything that surrounds our kitchen is very important for the renewal you have set as a goal. You must ensure that the kitchen is harmonious, so if you have chairs or stools old throw them. Alternatively, you can paint it or embellish with decoupages.

9. Embellish the walls

As the floor, even the walls have a great importance in the kitchen renovation. You can choose to ridipingerlel or embellishments hanging such as paintings or prints that will help to give some artistic touch.

10. Remove unnecessary accessories

Very important is also what you have inside your kitchen. Make sure you don’t get old or ugly objects such as bottles, jars and bowls. You have to make sure that everything is nice and bright, so that your kitchen can be renewed in earnest.

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