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The 10 Space-Saving Solutions for Furnishing a Small Bathroom

Posted on March 13, 2017 in Bathroom

To furnishing a small bathroom you have to use several precautions. You have to play with the color of the walls, to impart an affection more harmonious and spacious bathroom. Additionally, you can opt for space saving solutions so as to optimize its airiness. It is also necessary to have the furniture with order and balance. With simple tricks and the proper choice of furniture, broaden the bathroom will be a breeze. In the steps that follow, we will give you as many as 10 recommendations in this regard.

1. Use variations in shading on the walls

One of the most effective solutions for furnishing a small bathroom is the proper choice of shades. Insider dealing of pastels and use two different shades of color. You can apply at the bottom of the dark tiles and complete with a shade lighter upwards. In this way, the bath will acquire a more harmonious and broad.

2. Employ pendant health

Space-saving solutions for furnishing a small bathroom, we recommend the use of health services. Allow to optimize space, for a final yield pleasant and tasteful. Look out for the small sizes, but well coordinated. And use the space the sink to accommodate a mobile pendant. It will be useful to store soaps and amenities.

3. Prefer one big mirror

In the bathroom, the mirror is a must. If the environment is small, you can use a simple trick. Choose one large mirror, maybe that takes up an entire wall. With this trick, you can double the depth of the bathroom.

4. Focus on the shower hot

Decorating a small bathroom means to accurately assess any space and make the most of them. For this, we suggest you give priority to your shower to a bathtub. Practical and comfortable, the shower is easily adapted to a small space. For imparting balance and breadth to the environment, play in the cockpit transparencies. Will enhance the size of the bathroom.

5. Carefully arrange the lights

Proper lighting a small bathroom offers one of the best solutions to give width and airiness to the environment. We advise you to opt for intense spotlights in the mirror area. Will extend the spaces, as well as being extremely functional for makeup. For the rest of the environment, choose a soft light and relaxing.

6. Choose a wall towel bar

How to apply a towel rack with wall? This is a great space saving idea for a small bathroom. On the market there are all types. You can choose the classic metal bar, or opt for a more antique. To avoid drilling into the tiles, there are also specimens to be applied with suction or adhesive.

7. Apply a towel warmer

Towel dryer is one of the best space-saving solutions for furnishing a small bathroom. Take advantage of an empty wall and apply it with care. It will allow you to have neatly both beach towels, personal care products. Choose a color that matches the wall, so as not to burden the environment.

8. Use a laundry container

The order is one of the fundamental aspects of a bathroom. Even if the environment is small, we recommend designing with a laundry basket. Of course, you have to choose a practical model and are small in size. There are some examples that you might even hang on the wall.

9. Use wall hooks and hangers

If your bathroom is small, you have to make the most of the available space. If you cannot furnish with lockers and shelves, fear not! The hooks are among the most effective space saving solutions, because they allow to exploit the verticality of the environment. Place them behind the door to hang bathrobes and towels. Take advantage of the blow dryer, so apply wall hairdryer.

10. Place a shelf on the door

For decorating a small bathroom, functionally necessary to optimize the space. The most appropriate solution is to place a shelf above the door. You can store spare towels, or personal care products. This will neatly your objects, without sacrificing the living space of the bathroom.

10 Tips to Renovate Your Bathroom

Posted on March 13, 2017 in Bathroom

Like renovating your bathroom with a personal touch and authentic? Nothing could be easier! If you are looking for new ideas, this is the Guide for you. In the steps that follow, in fact, as many as 10 recommendations in this regard. We will suggest ideas for renovating your bathroom in just a few simple steps. Will not call experts. You can arrange everything yourself, with a touch of creativity and the right amount of dexterity.

1. Renew the floor

If the problem of your bathroom is on the floor, with our tips you will be able to solve everything easily. A worn floor definitely imparts an aspect neglected environment. To renew the atmosphere, you don’t have to dismantle it. You can just cover it with laminated slabs. This is an extremely simple and economical operation. Alternatively, you can opt for the resin. Provides higher costs, but ensures a perfect outcome.

2. Paint your old tiles

If the bathroom tiles show signs of wear, you can solve with a coat of solid. Close the escape routes with stucco, so as to ensure a smooth and homogeneous. Then, make sure to renew with the shade you desire. You will impart to the bathroom look new and original.

3. Choose bright colors

The color is one of the fundamental elements to renew an environment. If you want to improve the look of your bathroom, go for the bright but brisk. Give the place a touch of innovation, without overloading the atmosphere. You can also play with the contrasts of color, thereby making it more spacious room.

4. Paint old furniture

One of the recommendations to renew an environment is to change the d├ęcor. Unfortunately, it is not always possible. Buying new furniture, in fact, implies high costs. You can avoid this problem by painting your old furniture. Choose the shade that suits the atmosphere of bathroom and free your creativity. With little effort, you will achieve an exemplary job!

5. Health whitening

The treatment of bathroom fixtures is slightly more complex. Renew the look of ceramic worn, in fact, it is not always possible. You can still try to whiten the surface with special products. Among the various recommendations, we offer the use of hydrogen peroxide. If applied with care, give new vitality to the sanitary. You can also hide any imperfections, applying specific ceramic glaze.

6. Cromare fittings

Renovate a bathroom means taking care of all the details. If your faucets look run down, you don’t have to change them. Just follow our advice! Disassemble the fittings and apply a metal primer. Then, treat the surface with a varnish chrome. It is a process that requires patience and precision, but well worth it!

7. Customize the mirror

The mirror is an essential element in the bathroom. Imparts more light and makes it more airy spaces. To renew the atmosphere, you can replace the old mirror with a newer model. Alternatively, we propose to make it personal with a frame style. You can choose the shape and the material you desire. The important thing is to stick to the distinctive character of the environment.

8. Refine with accessories

Sometimes, it only takes a few simple tricks to renovate the bath house. One of the recommendations is to choose appropriate accessories. Place your bet on originality and attention to detail. You can decorate your bathroom with a mat. You can embellish with a pot of flowers, or with perfume bottles. The important thing is not to exceed, so as not to burden the atmosphere. You have to point to the taste and sobriety.

9. Change the lamps

The light occupies a fundamental role in any room of the house. For the bathroom, we recommend a soft lighting and warm. You can renew the atmosphere using style lamps. For a modern bathroom, look out for a linear model. For a classic atmosphere, you can pick any number of light points in vintage style.

10. Replace curtains

What do you think of renewing the old curtains and give an exclusive touch to the bathroom? Might be among the various Councils to evaluate. Choose the model that best suits your needs and customize it to your liking. You can opt for neutral colors, or pick any number of vibrant hues and harmonics. The important thing is to prefer natural fabrics. Sometimes, even the smallest interventions can help make your bathroom more graceful.

10 Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen

Posted on March 13, 2017 in Kitchen

If you want to give a new look to your kitchen without spending too much money in buying a new one, this article is just for you. The kitchen is certainly one of the most important spaces in a House, so it is important that you do not overlook. Here are 10 practical tips to renovate your kitchen.

1. Delete the old tiles

Many cuisines, especially the most dated have tiles that with the course of years go in against to wear. These tiles you can cover with mosaic panes or glass panels, or paint them using the color that most attracts you.

2. Paint old furniture

This is advice that seems cumbersome, unfortunately is the most important because it will contribute substantially to the renewal of your kitchen. First you roll up your sleeves and scartavetrate for good. Then pass the color, being careful in choosing the right one that goes perfectly with the rest of the room. Dark colored and light an old kitchen might become, giving a new look to any room.

3. Change the handles

After mackerel do not neglect the most important details. Make sure you change the handles or knobs. Are items that cost little and are also easy to assemble: just unscrew, change and tighten. Now your kitchen will be largely renewed.

4. Add shelves

Maybe if you want to make it even more beautiful and special, you can add spaces which serve for storage and rest. For example, you can attach the shelves or hooks for hanging tea towels. You can also add other types of kitchen equipment, the important thing is to combine the practical beauty.

5. Renew the floor

Maybe what lets the look of your kitchen is just the floor.
There are old and worn out floors that should be mandatorily replaced if you truly want to renovate your kitchen. You can also opt for the resin or the parquet.

6. Make the room brighter

This Board needs very little explanation. If you have performed all the indications so far, these will be in vain if the kitchen isn’t quite enlightened. You can solve this problem by buying lamps or spotlights.

7. Renew appliances

This Board is definitely the most expensive of those proposed so far but has many advantages. First replace old appliances with energy classes best, besides improving the look of the kitchen will save you a great deal in terms of electricity consumption.

8. Change chairs and stools

Everything that surrounds our kitchen is very important for the renewal you have set as a goal. You must ensure that the kitchen is harmonious, so if you have chairs or stools old throw them. Alternatively, you can paint it or embellish with decoupages.

9. Embellish the walls

As the floor, even the walls have a great importance in the kitchen renovation. You can choose to ridipingerlel or embellishments hanging such as paintings or prints that will help to give some artistic touch.

10. Remove unnecessary accessories

Very important is also what you have inside your kitchen. Make sure you don’t get old or ugly objects such as bottles, jars and bowls. You have to make sure that everything is nice and bright, so that your kitchen can be renewed in earnest.


How to Reface Your Kitchen Doors

Posted on March 13, 2017 in Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most experienced of the house. The kitchen suggests conviviality and adapts to multiple functions. Do a makeover even partial can help rejuvenate the environment making it more enjoyable and comfortable.

Often, however, you do not have enough money, so as to give a new and renovated our kitchen, just doors, albeit with a revamp of the available budget. Let’s see how to renew the kitchen doors, giving it new color and life.

Be sure to have on hand:

  • kitchen
  • decorations
  • knobs
  • decoupage
  • paints

The best solution would be to completely replace your kitchen doors, which will makes it easier in the case of a kitchen or a modular fitted kitchen. In the latter case, it will be easy to choose other different style and/or color; might be a little more complex find doors for other types of cuisine.

In any case, the replacement is still very simple, simply remove the old doors and install the new. This solution will allow us to give a completely new look to the environment. If the kitchen is solid wood will just repaint it to completely change its appearance.

Another decidedly handy solution is to replace the handles and knobs that are used for opening doors and drawers. A low-cost solution that will give you some truly amazing results.

The ideal, would replace the handles in use, however we may also acquire basic knobs and then decorate them to our style and taste. Care to choose handles and knobs in tune with the style. Also decorate the old knobs or new wood knobs with the technique of decoupage is a viable alternative.

Decoupage, is a technique whereby beautify not only the knobs and handles but also the doors, perhaps in sections or in areas such as the center of the leaf or a corner. As regards the designs you can use vintage prints for a kitchen industrial, vintage or minimal, or floral prints for a shabby chic or provencal kitchen.

For those who love modern furniture and high tech, metallic paints are commercially available from stainless steel effect really interesting. Alternatively, we may decide for the rough cement or effect, slate effect that paints nice idea, you can write a shopping list with a regular plaster.

Due to cementite is possible to cover a wide range of materials and colors, getting a good base on which to work quietly (except the Ant). The doors can be dyed with a new, completely changing the color and the look of the kitchen.

Never forget:

Always make sure, before you intervene, what type of material is made its own kitchen.


Tricks to Remove Scratches from Glass Ceramic

Posted on March 13, 2017 in Furniture

Glass ceramic materials are quite delicate and require close attention to last a long time. The ceramic hob for example, being exposed continuously to firings and movements, are likely to get scratched and damaged completely. However, there are efficient enough tricks to cure this problem and to take away in the blink of an eye the scratches from glass ceramic.

1. Baking soda

Baking soda, has proved a useful natural ingredient and non-corrosive can get rid of the scratches from the glass ceramic. Dilute a few teaspoons of baking soda in warm water and soon the ceramic hob will be cool and dull, with a soft cloth and rub the baking soda mixture with your hand scratched and you will get excellent results.

2. Product for polishing glass and metals

In business, there are some specific creams for cleaning delicate surfaces such as the glass ceramics.

It is important to know how to use these products, often in the form of cream with a certain familiarity. You will need to put a small amount of product on a soft cloth and gently wipe the scratched and ruined.

3. Polishing paste

Is a product of polishing paste used to not only remove scratches from glass ceramics but also from simple glass, glasses, from cars, etc..

You can just switch the polishing paste on the ruined with a very light and gently rub. If the stain persists, use a rag a bit rougher and continue rubbing.

4. Ammonia

Ammonia is an additional product to remove scratches more or less obvious from the glass ceramic.
Mix water and ammonia and rub your compound on the scratched.

Let dry and repeat the process several times until the stain is completely gone.

5. Toothpaste

A more curious and less wasteful than others, is using the very common toothpaste.

This pasta usually used to brush teeth, has proven to be quite effective to actually remove scratches from delicate surfaces such as the glass ceramics, glass top stove, ceramics, glass and mirrors.

Just squeeze a bit of toothpaste on the part to rub and rub with a soft cloth all scratched. Rinse thoroughly and you will notice how the scratch will be completely gone.

In this way, with a very simple method will remove all traces of scratches from your ceramic hob.


5 Ways to Hide Scratches from Wooden Furniture

Posted on March 13, 2017 in Furniture

Wood is the natural material par excellence present in our homes, whether in the form of furniture to the floor or wall covering. Is versatile, adapts to rustic but luxurious, classic furniture style as well as to a more modern. Unfortunately the wood, being by nature very ductile, lends itself easily to be scratched or damaged with use and the wear and tear that is why, today, we will show you 5 methods to hide scratches on the wood in an easy, economical and long lasting.

1. Shoe polish

The first method is to use shoe polish to a shade that best matches to your wood color. You shouldn’t have any trouble to find it commercially as they come in many colors. Clean the surface with a damp cloth to remove dust, put a small amount of product on another cloth and begin to treat your wood, insisting on scratches that you want to remove. At the end of Batman that the Polish is dry and passed on the wood of the clear Polish.

2. Wax crayons

If you don’t have or don’t want to buy shoe Polish, a good alternative is to use of crayons. Identified first the color to you suitable, cut a piece off and melt in a teaspoon place right on the flame of a lighter. Pour the mixture into the scratches be removed and orderly that everything is dry. As with the previous version, if you want a polished effect, just hover above the clear Polish.

3. Olive oil or cocoa butter

If the scratches are only skin deep you can try to Polish the surface with olive oil or cocoa butter. Proceed by putting a bit of product on a Microfiber cloth, so don’t let tissue residue, and wipe the area to be treated. With this method you can treat scratches on furniture while it is preferable to avoid the fat on the floor as you might slip of people walking over it.

4. Use a knob

Even a simple nut can come to the rescue. Open the nut and extract the nutmeat, pass it on scratches and wait a few minutes so that oils contained naturally in Walnut will fill your scratching. Of course this method is suitable for superficial scratches.

5. Wood putty

If the scratches are deep the best solution is use of wood putty. If any are found in hardware stores and home improvement stores. You can buy it in neutral color and then move the paint on the treated area or buy already colored. In both cases you have to withdraw the product from its packaging using a flat spatula and fill the furrows left by scratches. Harden and polished with a cleaner for wood.


How to Repair Scratches on Wooden Furniture

Posted on March 13, 2017 in Furniture

The wooden furniture are popular modern household environments, can enliven a stay or give that extra touch of class to a more old-fashioned and dated furniture. If children, pets or just spending time is very easy they can be damaged by even minor but which are annoying or unwanted. That’s why many are turning to Joiners, and maybe are forced to shell out hundreds of dollars for simple scratches. In fact, in this guide, which as you will see, will be divided into several steps, we will explain in a very basic, yet very accurately, how to repair scratches on wooden furniture, without having to spend big bucks.

You need some tools: Sandpaper, markers repairs graphs, wax sticks, gommma of gloves (protection)

If instead, scratch that we must repair, should be very deep, we will have to use alternative methods. Simply, after cleaning carefully the point you intend to repair, once armed with sandpaper and passed several times quickly in the injured area. Try to limit your attentions and steps closely to the damaged area, in order not to jeopardize the rest of the Cabinet, once you have settled the area for those few millimeters long enough to remove the sign until a few seconds before you disturb the harmony of the object.

The sandpaper is also good for deeper graphs, the important thing is not to overdo it with the steps or you risk damaging it even more that you wanted instead to repair. At the end of the treatment you will need to clean and Polish it again, scratch so will be gone altogether. In the market, for those who don’t have that much familiarity with the sandpaper, you will find a wide range of special objects found in any repair pen scratches, good to yourself, can cover the damage with a quick pass. If you opt for this method, it is highly advisable to pay close attention to the color you have chosen earlier. So let us choose it in such a way that resembles the furniture to repair, so as not to point out the difference in pigmentation.

Wax polished furniture are perhaps the most difficult to clean up from damage, for these are the wax Stick products really quality combining the new layer just retrieved from the tube to that of your furniture, especially used on pieces. The following products, it is of course possible to use them in any type of wood surface.