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How to Reface Your Kitchen Doors

Posted on March 13, 2017 in Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most experienced of the house. The kitchen suggests conviviality and adapts to multiple functions. Do a makeover even partial can help rejuvenate the environment making it more enjoyable and comfortable.

Often, however, you do not have enough money, so as to give a new and renovated our kitchen, just doors, albeit with a revamp of the available budget. Let’s see how to renew the kitchen doors, giving it new color and life.

Be sure to have on hand:

  • kitchen
  • decorations
  • knobs
  • decoupage
  • paints

The best solution would be to completely replace your kitchen doors, which will makes it easier in the case of a kitchen or a modular fitted kitchen. In the latter case, it will be easy to choose other different style and/or color; might be a little more complex find doors for other types of cuisine.

In any case, the replacement is still very simple, simply remove the old doors and install the new. This solution will allow us to give a completely new look to the environment. If the kitchen is solid wood will just repaint it to completely change its appearance.

Another decidedly handy solution is to replace the handles and knobs that are used for opening doors and drawers. A low-cost solution that will give you some truly amazing results.

The ideal, would replace the handles in use, however we may also acquire basic knobs and then decorate them to our style and taste. Care to choose handles and knobs in tune with the style. Also decorate the old knobs or new wood knobs with the technique of decoupage is a viable alternative.

Decoupage, is a technique whereby beautify not only the knobs and handles but also the doors, perhaps in sections or in areas such as the center of the leaf or a corner. As regards the designs you can use vintage prints for a kitchen industrial, vintage or minimal, or floral prints for a shabby chic or provencal kitchen.

For those who love modern furniture and high tech, metallic paints are commercially available from stainless steel effect really interesting. Alternatively, we may decide for the rough cement or effect, slate effect that paints nice idea, you can write a shopping list with a regular plaster.

Due to cementite is possible to cover a wide range of materials and colors, getting a good base on which to work quietly (except the Ant). The doors can be dyed with a new, completely changing the color and the look of the kitchen.

Never forget:

Always make sure, before you intervene, what type of material is made its own kitchen.

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